Beast into 4Fingers NEW Jaw-breaking Burgers


Singapore, 22 March 2022 – This March, 4Fingers is proud to present fans with the biggest and crispiest affair ever. Not your typical run-off-the-mill burger, 4Fingers will be launching monstrously tall and big burgers for the first time, promising a jaw-breaking experience!


Living up its name as one of the heavyweights in Singapore’s fried chicken scene, the Monster Tower Burger ($11.95) is definitely not for the faint-hearted, the staggering monstrosity consists of chicken burger chops, smoked cheddar cheese, thousand island sauce, sliced tomatoes and mixed greens, wedged between soft sesame buns. Standing on a high pedestal, the burger boasts double crispy chicken burger chops, generously coated with 4Fingers’ good ol hot or soy garlic sauce.


Perfect for all the cheese fanatics out there, the Chees-Zilla ($10.95) is an avalanche of four type of cheeses (smoked cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, cheese sticks & nacho cheese sauce) accompanied with a perfect streamlined assembly of the chicken burger chop topped with mixed greens.


For diners looking for a no-frills option that always pleases, the Chicky Crisp Burger ($9.95) features a salacious mix of single crispy burger chop doused in soy garlic sauce, smoked cheddar cheese, thousand island sauce, sliced tomatoes and mixed greens. The perfect amalgamation of taste, texture and flavour, the deceptively simple burger is sure to wallop tastebuds and leave fans wanting more!


The new offerings will be available at all stores islandwide from now till 30th June.

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